Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How to prepare for a winery vintage job

I thought I would put together a photo album of some of the things you might want to pack for a vintage experience and photos of some of the jobs you might do. 

When you are heading into a vintage job at a winery you are arriving in their Fall season and will be working long hours; 10 -12 hour days, possibly in the middle of the night. Dress for cold and have some layers underneath. Number one rule is, its not a beauty pageant and you don't even need to wear make-up! Also, you are going to get dirty!!! So whatever you pack, expect to destroy it with red wine stains, yeast stains, dirt, and leave it behind.

Blundstone steel toe boots - very comfortable and a stylish investment:)

Gloves - with some plastic for grip on hoses and on pruners
Haven't needed my touque yet - but its getting cold and will need it soon!

Not so stylish, but it works!!
The Harvest buckets

The selection table
Gravity fed hopper into the vat

Yeast innoculation. You have to get both your hands in there to plunge the yeast in the water.
Measuring the density and temperature of the wine from the tank

And....another guy from Argentina yelling at you in Spanish. Have a good translator app, and a nice smile:):)

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