Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Food.....in Mendoza!!!!

This will be my last post for my Mendoza, Argentina blog and thought it would be fitting to conclude it with some of the culinary discoveries in my final week.

 Thanks to everyone who followed my blog and for the new friends I have met along the way who enriched my experience! I will think of Mendoza with warm thoughts and look forward to promoting their wines!!

In a previous post I wrote about the Asado, an Argentine ritual of eating grilled beef which is very important to the locals.  My first Asado experience was within 48 hours of arriving by the end of my four week visit, I can say I have never eaten so much red meat in my life. Of course, I'm not complaining:) But, after I left my internship at the winery, I had one week in Mendoza city to seek some variety in my diet I came across some places worthy of sharing. I had an abundance of wine bottles from my previous wine touring and most places welcomed serving one of my bottles for a reasonable corkage. 

 Ciebo Restaurant
What a great night (and a late night) with some new friends from Mendoza City that work in the wine industry. Meet Andrea, Santiago and Jose. Jose was one of my references for my internship. This night we indulged in an Argentine classic, Empanada's!! Stuffed with different meats or vegetarian. We finished the meal with a Malbec Grappa to prepare us for some zzzz's ;)

This is a place that I found in my tour book. Is funky, eclectic and serves up quality food. I have seldom had opportunity to eat any seafood since I arrived in Argentina so I was delighted to enjoy and entree of salmon.  

Bute Plaza
This is a meal that has stayed etched in my memory. Outstanding service with the classic pairing of empanada's and t-bone beef, which was done to perfection! Hmmm..... maybe its time to introduce some salads into the meal plan???

Maria Antoineta
It was here at this French themed bistro that I found some refreshing options: green salad with vinaigrette, white fish and beautiful baked bread.

 The Libations at the Hyatt

I had been on the hunt to find this distillate, Pisco, native to South America and extremely hard to find in Canada. It is mixed (3 parts pisco) to 1 part simple syrup and 1 part lime juice to make a Pisco Sour. It is also possible to add egg white and a sprinkle of bitters.

Vines of Mendoza

Across the street from Marie Antoineta restaurant is a tasting room called Vines of Mendoza. What a fun way to spend a couple hours in the afternoon with a blind tasting and a supply of tasting sheets to make your notes and conclusions.....after seeing the results, it was evident I needed more practice;)

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