Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Departure from Vintage 2014

It was a semi-tearful good bye today at Flechas de los Andes winery - I had the time of my life!!! I was treated with respect and Argentine hospitality with lots of laughs along the way.

I have been living and working there for 16 days as an intern, gaining more knowledge on red wine vinification and the terroir of Mendoza. I have the stained Malbec hands to prove it! I have met some incredible people along the way and made some new friends that will last a lifetime. The biggest challenge was the language barrier and I am walking away determined to learn another language. 

After my first week at the winery I skyped with my Father and he asked, "what do you do all day"?? I tried to explain and thought I would be better to post these photos of some of the jobs I helped with. I am also including photos of the winery property and memorable moments during my stay. 

Grape Selection
Density and temperature readings
Lab introduction
Yeast innoculation
Tasting from the vat
Remuntage, or pumping over the wine with a pump and hose line
Tasting the '13 & '14 tank samples with the Oenologists
The back of the winery and also my apartment - outstanding!
The apartment set in the middle of the vineyards at the foot of the Andes:)

I'm not kidding - this is the view from my bedroom window!
Lunch at Postales de Plata
Horseback riding in the Andes!!!
A special Asado hosted by my friend Dennis from Waterloo, at his home in Mendoza

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