Tuesday, April 8, 2014

People at Flechas de los Andes....

I have been incredibly fortunate with my internship at Flechas de los Andes. I have been living at the beautiful, on-site winery apartment for 9 days now and thought I should write a post about the people that helped to bring me here and who I work and live with.

So how did I come up with this idea to come and work vintage 2014 in Argentina? Well, I will have more on that later, but for now, it all started when I approached a friend of the family that owns a winery in Mendoza to find an internship.... My resume arrived in-box of Agustina at Flechas de los Andes. With a recommendation from a mutual colleague, I was welcomed into the winery for an internship experience. Agustina looks after exports for the winery and is married to the winemaker, my boss, Gaston. Before I arrived at the winery, Agustina answered all of my questions with the answers I was hoping for (eg. transportation, accommodation), and even offered to pick me up from the Mendoza airport and drive me to the winery, 120km south!! I had a good feeling right off the bat and will stay for 16 days.
Gaston & Agustina

I have great respect for my boss' and workmates.... they are all very approachable and accepting of the language barrier! I have learned some words in Spanish, my French has gotten better and my English worse. 

 In the apartment I have been living with Clement, Matis and Anne.

Meet Matis: He is from Mendoza, Argentina and is an  Oenology student. He knows little English, but is a sweetheart and we try our best to communicate. We get along really well over a bottle of Malbec and Google Translate:)
Matis making an Argentine cocktail: Fernet with Coke

Meet Anne: She is 28 and from Bordeaux, France. She is a graduate from Facilte d'oenologie Bordeaux (The top Oeonology school in the world!). She has worked at prestigious properties such as Lynch Bage (Pauillac), Gruaud Larose (St. Julien) and will be their vineyard manager when she is done in Argentina. I share a room with Anne, she is a quiet sleeper and we have a blast communicating with what little French I know and what little English she has.  
Anne at the back of the winery in front of the Andes Mountains

So what helps bring 3 languages all together???? Well, the love for wine of course, and this guy, Clement! Clement is from SW France and speaks French, English and Spanish! Plus he LOVES to cook. We have been treated to dinners of Boef Bourgogne, Roasted Chicken an Asado and Crepes with Dulce de Leche. Clement graduated from Oenology school in Montpellier and worked a season for Chateau Clarke in Bordeaux, which owns Flechas de los Andes. 

Clement with bruchetta and boef bourgenon
 And what do I add to this talented group??? As a Sommelier I make sure that there is always an open bottle of wine after work. Clement said I remind him of a French expression "I move faster than my shadow" when it comes to opening wine....that's good right?  
To close this post, I couldn't be happier with the people that I have met, the laughs we have, and spending our days in and out together. I will miss them when I leave in 7 days...

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