Sunday, March 30, 2014

A day in Mendoza

I had a day on my own yesterday to explore the city of Mendoza. Hot, sunny weather with a feeling of fall. It was most evident when I took photos when the sun was at its highest and I would still get shadows.
This will be an adjustment for my body clock, going from winter to fall!?? Ha!

It was easy to navigate the city center on foot and the next time I visit I will take the 'hop on, hop off' city bus tour.

I got word that my luggage would arrive later that night so for dinner I took a taxi to the best Argentine Restaurant for beef, Patio Jesus Maria. They had a lovely outdoor patio next to the park and I had excellent service from their female Sommelier, Rocio.

Enjoy this photo gallery:)

Plaza Independencia

Irrigation canals for the collection of run off water from the Andes Mountains are all around town in various depth and widths......therefore, watch where your walking!!!
Plaza Espana - The most beautiful and colourful of the 5 different squares in central Mendoza

I highly recommend this mult-room wine shop called "Winery"

Time for Argentina Beef! Restaurant Patio Jose Maria. What would pair with this?????
Pulenta Gran Malbec :)
Took a bit of arm twisting, and I caved. Dulce de Leche dessert. Unbelievable!

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